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Dare To Compare

The "other guys" SOFA SELECTIONS
"Famous" brand names... Top quality, custom manufactured furniture!
High pressure "SALE" tactics... Relaxed, family friendly, take-your-time approach!
Commission based salespeople... Knowledgeable, non-commission based family & associates!
Made in China or Vietnam, Malaysia, India, etc... Made in the U.S.A. - including two local companies!
Fancy showrooms or galleries... The lowest price, every day. Guaranteed.
"Free" coffee, cookies, and child care... The lowest price, every day. Guaranteed.
"Free" tvs, meals, vacations, gas, groceries, etc... Do you really think any of those gimmicks are actually free?
Expensive extended warranty plans... Lifetime manufacturers warranties included standard!
Constant expensive TV & print advertising... Occasional advertising when we have a special event!
Incredible markups or reference pricing... Factory direct pricing - that's why there's no need for a 'sale'!
Confusing or misleading "SALE" pricing... The lowest price, every day. Guaranteed.

It's no wonder that many of our customers feel that shopping the "other guys" is hard!

Unlike shopping for a house, or a car, or even a dishwasher, there's just not a lot of easy to understand guidance in magazines or the internet.

We feel that our customers should be able to make an educated buying choice - comparing apples to apples - not apples to oranges (or lemons)!

Our competitors don't really like it when customers ask questions that they'd really rather not have to answer -
Questions like,

  • "Where is this made?"
  • "What's the warranty?"
  • "Why is this so much more expensive?"

We encourage our customers to ask those questions - and more!

With that in mind, we offer this easy to use comparison guide for our customers.

We hope this tool helps our customers ask the questions that help them make an educated decision!

Please, download the DARE TO COMPARE sheet (PDF format), print it out, and be sure to take it with you - not just to our store, but wherever you shop for furniture.

We're convinced, once you are able to cut through the pressure, gloss, and 'smoke and mirrors', and consider the facts, you'll come see us and get the lowest price, every day. Guaranteed.